Kuhnstücke goes Chicago //

Don’t worry, Kuhnstuecke will remain in Esslingen:
However, broadening one’s horizon a little is always a good thing, and this was the purpose of our participation at the SOFA art fair in Chicago.

The SOFA, originally a trade fair for glass and sculpture, has developed into a recognized and very well visited art fair in recent years. Eighty galleries from 14 countries presented their artists‘ work at the Navy Pier/Chicago from Thursday Nov. 6 to Sunday Nov. 11.

We presented a representative selection of our Rings of Life which met with a very enthusiastic response by our American visitors. Our Rings of Life with various surface structures and the moving gold and platinum bands particularly delighted the guests to our booth.

Contact to a New York jewelry gallery owner was also very important for us, since he now wants to present some of our pieces in his gallery opposite the Museum of Modern Art. We also now have Edith Robertson as our new representative in Chicago. She is a goldsmith from Stuttgart who has lived for 35 years in Chicago. She will henceforth look after our US customers for us.

Overall, it was a very positive trade fair with many new impressions and fresh dynamics!

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